Medical Aide Memoire was set up by clinicians to test and spearhead new products of excellence for clinicians in the UK and Europe. Each product is tested in a number of real life scenarios and we will not offer any item, which does not meet our quality standards and that we do not believe in or use ourselves.


The xSHEARS is a new product in our collection. These superb quality shears are heavy duty, hardened stainless steel blades which are twice as thick as most trauma shears, sharpened to a razor edge.


Now available to buy in the UK and Europe, the excellent suite of
R-CAT ECG (EKG) interpretation tools and the extremely useful Rapid Capnography Resource (which comes with a handy EtC02 conversation chart) for student and qualified ambulance clinicians, paramedics, nurses and doctors. The R-CAT products, which now include the Arrhythmia booklet and the new
R-CAT - 12 for Stemi were developed by EKG concepts in the United States and are exclusively available in the UK and Europe from Medical Aide Memoire. We have developed a number of competitive bundle offers of these essential ECG tools, including the the R-CAT WINDOW for your pocket or the R-CAT BADGE which clips on with your name badge.  If you are interested in a large volume purchase, please email us at: info@medicalaidememoire.com.

For further information or bulk order please contact info@medicalaidememoire.com